Sunday, January 26, 2014

I'm Not White, I'm Green! What?

Recently, well probably before too, there have been white feminists saying "I'm not white, I'm green!" as some sort of uber thinking on ending racism by fiat within feminism. Only, it's not ending racism, its racist! Let me make a little analogous statement:


I have the solution to sexism within the humanist movement. You see, I'm not male, I'm unisex. All of you people talking about sexism just haven't seen the light I have that there is no sex, there are only people! Please join me in moving beyond gender into an unsexualized future!


See how ridiculous that sounds?  But why? If everybody did just forget about it, our problems would just go away, right?

It seems similar to the "just get rid of marriage" solution to marriage equality, where we can supposedly solve a problem of bigotry by erasing the thing "causing" the bigotry. Only it's not marriage's fault, its the bigots who are against homosexuality. And, it's also the folks who are enabling them by trying to just wash the problem away.

Do you think that a racist cares if you think you're green? Do misogynists care if I think I'm unisex? We have to listen to be able to fight bigotry, not bury ourselves in a bed of privileged mental onanism!

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