Monday, July 15, 2013

What if women ran everything?

In a previous post, I said that one of my goals is to see women have 50% of positions of power.  Thinking about that recently, I stumbled on a thought that my male privilege would have never allowed before: What if the roles were reversed, where women had the overwhelming majority or absolute control on positions of power?  What would the world look like?  Given that the results with men at the helm over the last millennia have had "issues", to put it lightly, I don't think I'd be opposed to experimenting the next thousand years with women in the lead.  And this isn't because I think men shouldn't have a roll in the circles of power, or that we need to do this as a sort of reparations, or any sort of "fine, you deal with it" anger, but I think it would just be interesting to find out from an objective curiosity standpoint.  I haven't thought about this much, but here are a few random thoughts about such a scenario if the way things are now were flipped:

> The Catholic Church - The Mama, head of the order of Mothers, oversees all doctrine.  Of particular concern to teh menz is that the church is pushing legislation around the world, trying to ensure all penises are properly circumcised, even in clearly pluralistic societies.

> Controversial talk show host Ruth Limbaugh is calling for zero tolerance castration for all males that don't do the dishes and take out the garbage.

> Bills are constantly being brought up in more extreme states to force fathers to give up their vital organs (heart, lungs, liver) to their children, at the digression of the mother, should a medical need arise. Panels, consisting entirely of women, debate the issue nationally on cable news and in congress.

> In the Muslim world, Ayatollah Jasmine has ordered only male eunuchs can leave their homes alone.  Those with male genitalia found outside the home unattended will be buried to the neck and stoned.

In reality, I'd like to think it wouldn't nearly as bad as it is right now, just reversed.  It would be hard to implement; look at the GOPs obstructionist agenda with a centrist black man in the White House, what would they do if their leader were a woman?

Anyway, that was my fun thought of the day.

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