Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Random Feminist Father Thoughts

Of the various thoughts that occupy my mind are those concerning how to raise my daughter to be free from the standard gender roles of American society.  As with most of these sort of things (I'm an engineer, OK, life is a puzzle :o), there doesn't seem to be an absolutely right or wrong way to do it.  My daughter is still pretty young (3), but you can already see that she's aware of the meme of male and female roles. Mainly I focus choosing words that are as gender neutral as possible, even to the point of saying that both girls and boys can do/have/play with something if she says something is for boys or girls.  I also spend time with her doing things that have more of a stereotypical "boy" bent.  One of things that I think any rational parent should do, which will lead to the detriment of their own authority, is to teach them to question and understand the "why", even if it's something daddy says.

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