Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Positions Of Power

One of the most obvious areas of gender inequality are positions of leadership and power.  It literally boggles my mind that women are so unrepresented and it the apathy seems to be just a part of our culture.  In the day to day whining that is produced by those that are consciously or unconsciously trying to prop up male privilege, and are either ignoring or just not understanding a particular feminist argument, taking a different tact can help.  Here's a stock response:
I'm not interested in what you're saying about <insert topic/subject>.  When women start holding more than 50% of positions of leadership and power, your arguments about <insert topic/subject> may become more interesting to humanity.  Here is a list of those positions:
  • US President's Administrative Cabinet
  • US Senate
  • US House Of Representatives
  • US Military Generals
  • Corporate Boards
  • Corporate Executives
  • Leaders of the Secular, Skeptic and Atheist Movements

Sure, the above is most likely going to be a non sequitur to the actual discussion at hand, but I think returning frustration in kind is OK.

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